May 24, 2011

C-SPAN: Memphis School Desegregation at 50

Memphis School Desegregation at 50 University of Memphis Law school professor Daniel Kiel has spent years collecting stories of the original desegregation of the Memphis City Schools in October 1961. His work takes a look at the history of desegregation and its legacy fifty years later. He presented video clips from oral histories of people who were part of the first desegregated class, when two separate communities combined as one. He talked about the lessons that apply as the community moves toward unifying the city schools of Memphis with the Shelby County school systems. Professor Kiel talked with Ms. Peiser and offered a long-view look at public education in Memphis and Shelby County.

“Memphis School Desegregation at 50” was a program of the Downtown Neighborhood Association’s conversation series. It was held at the University of Memphis law school.

Video available here...